2015 Patricia Behring Teacher of the Year Winners

Barrie Moorman


Washington, DC
E.L. Haynes High School
Senior Division
NHD Teacher since 2013

Sherry Holder


Conway, AR
Conway Junior High School
Junior Division
NHD Teacher since 1976

Quality teachers are critical to student success. NHD recognizes their outstanding work and dedication to their students and the NHD program through offering annual teaching awards. Do you know an outstanding NHD educator? Then nominate him or her for one of our awards.

Patricia Behring sponsors the Patricia Behring Teacher of the Year Award, which recognizes outstanding NHD teachers. Two winners, one at both the junior level and senior level, will be selected from each affiliate. The winners of the national awards will be selected from among the affiliate awardees. Each affiliate winner will be awarded $500 and the national winners will receive $10,000. Applications are due to affiliate coordinators by March 14, 2016.

Use the nomination forms below:

Patrica Behring Teacher of the Year nomination form


The following 22 teachers were selected to be a Behring Teacher Ambassador for National History Day® during the 2016-2017 school year.

To be selected recipients must show outstanding creativity, commitment and inspiration in developing students’ interest in history education. Candidates must be excellent classroom teachers who are past winners of the Behring Teacher Award in their state or affiliate program.

The 2016–2017 National History Day theme is Taking a Stand in History. Throughout the school year, Behring Teacher Ambassadors work with students and teachers around the country to help them better understand the theme and to expand National History Day programs in their regions. Behring Teacher Ambassadors attend a training workshop in July and collaborate with their program’s affiliate coordinator to develop an annual strategy to help students discover the power of history.

The following teachers were selected as Behring Teacher Ambassadors.

  • Ross Farmer, Pennsylvania
  • F. Margret Atkinson, Louisiana
  • Scott Johnson, Tennessee
  • Phyllis Santacroce, Wisconsin
  • Don Erickson, Michigan
  • Ashley Coons, North Carolina
  • Keith Harrington, Vermont
  • Deanna McDaniel, Ohio
  • Kristen Lewis, Colorado
  • Sharon Wlodarczyk, Connecticut
  • Nicole Young, Arizona
  • Robert Bindewald, Indiana
  • Kelly Matney, Missouri
  • Yvonne Krowka, North Carolina
  • Melanie Boulet, Louisiana
  • Erin Patchak, Wisconsin
  • Katherine Temple, Michigan
  • Valerie Arendas, Florida
  • Samantha DeCerbo, South Carolina
  • Debbie Hester, Alabama
  • Teresita Davila-Alexander, Florida
  • Nicole Young, Arizona