Emily Stephenson

NHD 2002

Where do you currently live?
Washington, DC

What is your current occupation?

What school did you attend while participating in NHD?
C.M. Eppes Middle School, Greenville, North Carolina

What college did you attend?
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, BA in journalism/political science

Who were your teachers?
Hulda Tayloe

What years and in what category did you participate in NHD?
2002, Group Performance

What are a few of your favorite or defining moments from your NHD experience?
My group and I spent a lot of time hanging around the common room at the dorm where we stayed at the University of Maryland. We met teams from all over the country, places I’d never been. Even outside of the contest itself, the program was a real learning experience for me.

How did NHD help you after high school?
This program taught me research skills that I used in college classes. My group also spent a great deal of time working on our public speaking – one of our coaches was a drama teacher – and that has been useful in job interviews, presentations, etc.

What recognition did you receive for participating in NHD?
Participating in the national contest was a huge honor and tons of fun.

What has kept you busy since your days as an NHD student? Any particular challenges, stories, or achievements?
I’m a reporter for Reuters in Washington, D.C. I most recently covered Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.