National Museum of American History Will Host Student Exhibits on June 14

June 8, 2023, College Park, Maryland—National History Day® (NHD) and the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History are pleased to announce that 48 student-produced exhibits will be featured in a live showcase at the museum on Flag Day, June 14, 2023. The exhibits were created by middle and high school students competing in the 2023 NHD National Contest.

Many of the NHD students whose projects were selected for this showcase by NHD affiliate coordinators addressed topics relevant to their own states’ or local communities’ histories. These exhibits also reflect the 2023 NHD theme, Frontiers in History: People, Places, Ideas.

“We are thrilled to have our students return to Washington, D.C. to compete in the 2023 NHD National Contest,” shares Executive Director Cathy Gorn. “We appreciate the National Museum of American History for hosting this showcase and sharing the work of these students with such a wide audience on a very important day at the museum.”

The following exhibits and students have been selected for this showcase:

Title: 123 Sesame Street: The Frontier of Childhood Growth
Student(s): Jennica Alixes, Anna Cao
Teacher(s): Jonathan Millers
School: Sierra Vista Middle School (Irvine, California)
Title: 3D Gaming: A Mind-Blowing Frontier in Neuroscience
Student(s): Miela Bui, Laiken Voishnis
Teacher(s): Christa Bui
School: Noble Middle School (Berwick, Maine)
Title: Adolf Hitler: A Pioneer Of Propaganda In The Media
Student(s): Lillah Berkson
Teacher(s): Morgan Harding
School: Mesilla Valley Leadership Academy (Las Cruces, New Mexico)
Title: “Ain’t I a Woman?”: Sojourner Truth’s Fight for Rights
Student(s): Savannah Frye, Sawyer Frye, Rylee Fuson, Rayawna Holland
Teacher(s): Pam Miracle
School: Page School Center (Pineville, Kentucky)
Title: Amelia Earhart: Piloting a New Frontier in Aviation and Women’s Rights
Student(s): Penny Mayfield
Teacher(s): Sarah Meyer von Bremen
School: St. Luke School (Columbus, Georgia)
Title: Amelia Earhart Taking Flight for Women’s Rights
Student(s): Savanna Cero
Teacher(s): Pam Brown
School: All Saints Catholic School (Norman, Oklahoma)
Title: André Leon Talley’s Closet: The Frontier of Fashion
Student(s): Rhia Basit, Ava Milisits, Kyna Owusu
Teacher(s): Stephanie Gomer
School: Poolesville High School (Poolesville, Maryland)
Title: Andrew J. Higgins: A Frontiersman
Student(s): Jude M. Shadden
Teacher(s): Brooke Box, Stacey Rocha
School: Belle Chasse Academy (Belle Chasse, Louisiana)
Title: The Apgar Score: Advancing the Frontier of Neonatal Medicine
Student(s): Hadley Appel, Kailin Stiles-Pena, Addison Woelfel
Teacher(s): Deb Crocker, Emily Pendleton, Deb Temperly
School: Bettendorf Middle School (Bettendorf, Iowa)
Title: Game, Set, Match: Billie Jean King’s Victory on the Gender Equality and Social Justice Frontier
Student(s): Allie Thomas
Teacher(s): Lara Beard
School: Pulaski Academy (Little Rock, Arkansas)
Title: The Catholic Church on the Frontiers of Social Justice: Nostra Aetate
Student(s): Patrick Bunal, Sofiya Doroshenko, Neil Kreibich, Andrew Park
Teacher(s): Christine Wallace
School: Bergen County Academies (Hackensack, New Jersey)
Title: Complex Legacy of Henrietta Lacks
Student(s): Lucy Dimarco, Juliet Zylla
Teacher(s): Ryan Olson
School: Anthony Middle School (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
Title: Crowning A New Queen: The Hawaiʻi Cherry Blossom Festival’s Blood Quantum Change
Student(s): Yuzu Martin, Kaleo Yamamoto
Teacher(s): Sarah Razee
School: Kamehameha Schools—Kapālama Campus (Honolulu, Hawaiʻi)
Title: Eleanor Roosevelt as First Lady: More than a Hostess
Student(s): Emma Cheatham, Savannah Mejia
Teacher(s): Jeannine Meis
School: Leon High School (Tallahassee, Florida)
Title: Elizabeth Smith Miller: The First Woman to Wear Pants
Student(s): Rebecca Myers, Batia Wilson
Teacher(s): Sean Costello
School: Fairview High School (Boulder, Colorado)
Title: Ethel Traphagen: The Woman Who Pioneered Pants
Student(s): Clarissa Hamlin
Teacher(s): Audrey Hamlin
School: Pineview Academy (Madison, North Carolina)
Title: Equal Rights For All: How The ADA Changed The Lives Of People With Disabilities
Student(s): Sophie Hayes, Urvi Ranganathan
Teacher(s): Stephanie Catz
School: Riverstone International School (Boise, Idaho)
Title: The Final Frontier: How Human Computers Advanced Equality and Science at NASA
Student(s): Ezra Ellenbogen, Ingrid Holda, Meredith Hurley, Grace Kaelber
Teacher(s): Sarah Davis, Joseph Konopinski
School: Shaker Heights High School (Shaker Heights, Ohio)
Title: Freedom’s Frontier: The Lecompton Constitution
Student(s): Aiden Najafizadeh
Teacher(s): Sonja Czarnecki
School: Bishop Seabury Academy (Lawrence, Kansas)
Title: The Forgotten Astronomer: How Henrietta Swan Leavitt Expanded Astronomical Frontiers
Student(s): Ashlynn York
Teacher(s): Kristen Johnson
School: Clarksville Academy (Clarksville, Tennessee)
Title: “Get the Girl to Check the Numbers”: How the Black Women of West Area Computing Worked in Unseen Ways to Advance Scientific Research and Drive Social Progress
Student(s): Stella Pillet-Shore, Lily Zehetner
Teacher(s): Gabrielle Anderson
School: Oyster River High School (Durham, New Hampshire)
Title: HeLa: A Double-Edged Medical Revolution
Student(s): Nicholas Barr, Emily Chen, Evan Residori
Teacher(s): Stephanie Shimp
School: West Springfield High School (Springfield, Virginia)
Title: “Hold On To The Land”: The Treaty of Hartford and its Eradication of Pequot Frontiers
Student(s): Mary Lynch
Teacher(s): Jennifer McMunn
School: E. O. Smith High School (Storrs, Connecticut)
Title: How Barbed Wire Tamed The Wild West
Student(s): Ethan Johnson, Max Mazela, Abilene McGuire, Chance Smith, Lane Stuwe
Teacher(s): Mike Hobert
School: Hoven High School (Hoven, South Dakota)
Title: Igniting New Frontiers: The Haitian Revolution
Student(s): Ammon Bradshaw, Marianne Bradshaw
Teacher(s): JoLyne Merchant
School: Thomas Edison Charter School South (Nibley, Utah)
Title: “I’m Not A Comedian, I’m Lenny Bruce”: How One “Sick” Comic Made A Case For Obscenity
Student(s): Ava Greenawalt, Isobel Yasenchack
Teacher(s): Bethany Kissell
School: Cambridge Springs Junior/Senior High School (Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania)
Title: John Newbery: The Man Behind the Magic of Children’s Literature
Student(s): Emma Graves, Lilah Walsh
Teacher(s): Jocelyn Coe, Jason ElRite 
School: Carmel High School (Carmel, Indiana)
Title: Little Rock Nine: Frontier in History
Student(s): Zamorie Gipson, ZoRiyah Ray, Sha’Hollene Smith
Teacher(s): Kathy Paschal
School: Stanhope Elmore High School (Millbrook, Alabama)
Title: The Living Room War: Advancing Frontiers in Media
Student(s): Alesia Dickey, Brenna Hamilton, Kathleen Hudson
Teacher(s): Angie Allison
School: Oak Grove High School (Oak Grove, Missouri)
Title: Maria Tallchief: Dancing through the Decades as a Native American Ballerina
Student(s): Mary Grace Childress, Rory Dunagan
Teacher(s): Jamie Gladu
School: Orange Grove Charter School (Charleston, South Carolina)
Title: The Mother of Modern Medicine
Student(s): Annie Burford, Eliza Sims, Emily Zamarron
Teacher(s): Margaret Hicks
School: Hernando High School (Hernando, Mississippi)
Title: Motown Sound
Student(s): Dasia Moore
Teacher(s): Amy Macneil
School: Stuart Hobson Middle School Capitol Hill Cluster (Washington, D.C.)
Title: The National Woman’s Party Fights For The Nineteenth Amendment
Student(s): Sanvi Parekh
Teacher(s): Timothy Hayes
School: Toll Gate High School (Warwick, Rhode Island)
Title: A New Age of Politics: Barbara Jordan’s Influence on the Exposure of African American Female Representation in Government
Student(s): Kevin Majka
Teacher(s): Jan Martinez
School: Odyssey Academy – Bay Area (El Lago, Texas)
Title: Occupy Fort Lawton! Reclaiming Seattle’s Frontier for Tribal Justice
Student(s): Kaitlin Medina
Teacher(s): John Zingale
School: Vancouver iTech Preparatory (Vancouver, Washington)
Title: The Permanent Fund: A Living History
Student(s): Jeremy Narus, Rowan Wollrich
Teacher(s): Todd Heuston
School: South Anchorage High School (Anchorage, Alaska)
Title: Renal Transplant: A Frontier Revolutionizing the Medical Field
Student(s): Elvadanshu Levi, Siaea Junior Osa, Leimoasina Saui’a
Teacher(s): Kolose Ili, Christian Sa’alea
School: Tafuna High School (Tafuna, American Samoa)
Title: Riverview! On the Frontier of Fun!
Student(s): Vanessa Rios
Teacher(s): Eric Haak, Elpidio Pintor
School: Edwards Elementary School (Chicago, Illinois)
Title: Roe V Wade: The Birth of Women’s Bodily Autonomy
Student(s): Leighton Koepplin, Alaina Nordhougen, Sophia Pfeifer
Teacher(s): Zach Hochhalter
School: Fargo Davies High School (Fargo, North Dakota)
Title: Salient Steps Toward Suffrage
Student(s): Faith Aloia, Vanessa Ellis, Alisha Gentz, Francesca Palazzolo
Teacher(s): Tara Fugate
School: Fraser High School (Fraser, Michigan)
Title: Sesame Street: New Frontiers in Intellectual and Social Education
Student(s): Andrew Glassmeyer
Teacher(s): Stacey Trepanier
School: New Vistas Center for Education (Chandler, Arizona)
Title: Solomon Butcher: Capturing the New Frontier–One Glass Plate at a Time
Student(s): Miranda Betson, Garett Tollman
Teacher(s): Moni Hourt, Nathan Kackmeister 
School: Crawford High School (Crawford, Nebraska)
Title: The Solution Within the Helix: DNA’s Revolutionary Impact on Criminology
Student(s): Chloe Kivumbi, Saniya Sarolkar
Teacher(s): Todd Whitten
School: Burlington High School (Burlington, Massachusetts)
Title: Stonewall: Expanding the New Frontier of Gay Rights
Student(s): Alena Vue, Keasana Soukkaserm, Samuel Lor, Daysia Moua, Gao Nou Yang
Teacher(s): Joe Boeck, Shelby Miller 
School: Hmong American Peace Academy (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
Title: Three-Point Seatbelt: The Messiah of Road Traffic Accidents
Student(s): Chanwoo Kim, Soyeon Kim
Teacher(s): Michelle Johnson
School: American International School Chennai (Chennai, India)
Title: The Vaccine Revolution: How Maurice Hilleman Improved Immunology in the 20th Century
Student(s): Jasper Gu, Akash Pai, Ashank Shah
Teacher(s): Todd Sherwood 
School: Sunset High School (Portland, Oregon)

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