Shannon Lange

NHD 2004-2009

Where do you currently live?
Evanston, IL

What is your current occupation?
Museum Educator and Camp Director at the Skokie Heritage Museum

What school did you attend while participating in NHD?
Walcott Intermediate, Walcott, IA and Davenport West High School, Davenport, IA

What college did you attend?
BA in History, Middle Eastern Studies from Southern New Hampshire University, MA in Public History from Southern New Hampshire University

Who were your teachers?
Jay Swords (HS)

What years and in what category did you participate in NHD?
2004- documentary, 2005- documentary, 2006- documentary, 2008- documentary, 2009- documentary

What are a few of your favorite or defining moments from your NHD experience?
My favorite moment was during my 2009 competition, I was asked by the coordinator at the time to speak in front of everyone before the awards ceremony to speak on behalf of my experiences and what kept me drawn to the program.

How did NHD help you after high school?
I finished my undergraduate program in history, and am currently finishing my MA in public history, in which I will be prepared to work as an archivist or curator in museums.

What recognition did you receive for participating in NHD?
Unfortunately I did not receive any recognition for my participation aside from the quick speech I made during my last year competing.

Did you do anything with your NHD project or research after the contest year?
I have kept all of the DVDs created with my documentary entries, as well as my research notes to show how I’ve changed my research methods growing up.

What has kept you busy since your days as an NHD student? Any particular challenges, stories, or achievements?
I have been constantly taking classes since my freshman year of college, beginning at Iowa State and then transferring to SNHU to finish my degree. I am currently working as an intern at the Evanston History Center with their archivist and costume curator.

Is there anything else that you would like to share about your NHD experience?
I learned a lot about myself, as well as helped shape my career path to be something I love and do not want to give up.