College Park, MD.—National History Day® (NHD) and Planet Word are pleased to announce the global launch of 14 websites, to be featured in an online showcase. The websites were designed by middle and high school students competing in the 2022 NHD National Contest, and were screened and selected by Planet Word’s staff. This year’s showcase allows for a national audience to experience these student websites, and are available for view from Monday, June 13 until Monday, June 27.

NHD students whose websites were selected for the showcase grappled with topics consistent with the mission of Planet Word. The 2022 Planet Word Virtual Website Showcase presents NHD projects featuring writers, linguists, journalists, and others who changed the world using the power of words. These websites also reflect the 2022 NHD theme, Debate & Diplomacy in History: Successes, Failures, Consequences.

“During the last two years, we have all seen the dedication and perseverance of students who have adapted to extreme circumstances,” shares Executive Director Cathy Gorn. “Yet, we are heartened to see that they continue to excel and innovate, learning about the past through deep research and expressing their arguments in such meaningful ways. We are also very grateful that our partner Planet Word has shared their time and resources to showcase the stellar work of these history students.”

The 14 websites will be available to peruse online for two weeks, exclusively at Planet Word’s website, from Monday, June 13 through Monday, June 27, 2022.

The following websites and students have been selected for this showcase:
Title: Abraham Lincoln and His Few Words That Impacted the Future
Student(s): Lincoln Celestino
Teacher(s): John Thrift
School (City, State): Stuart Hobson Middle School Capitol Hill Cluster (Washington, D.C.)

Title: Baldwin v. Buckley: The Debate of the American Dream
Student(s): Ethan Tsay
Teacher(s): Stacey Trepanier
School (City, State): Arizona College Prep Oakland Campus (Chandler, Arizona)

Title: Broken Diplomacy: How the White Rose Led Their Debate Till Death
Student(s): Mercedes Cross
Teacher(s): Tara Fugate
School (City, State): Fraser High School (Fraser, Michigan)

Title: Censorship in Black and White: The History of the Parental Advisory Label
Student(s): Jack Laws
Teacher(s): Atinuke Doherty
School (City, State): Stuart Hobson Middle School Capitol Hill Cluster (Washington, D.C.)

Title: Censorship in Comics: Debate, Diplomacy, and the Comics Code Authority
Student(s): Claire Wellington
Teacher(s): Anna Royal
School (City, State): Summit Middle Charter School (Boulder, Colorado)

Title: The Guardian of the Glades: Marjory Stoneman Douglas and Her Fight to Preserve the Everglades
Student(s): Pearl Amromin
Teacher(s): Courtney Powell
School (City, State): Rutherford High School (Panama City, Florida)

Title: Ida B. Wells
Student(s): Irelyn Smith, Caelea Theriault
Teacher(s): Logan Landry
School (City, State): Bruce M. Whittier Middle School (Poland, Maine)

Title: Judy Blume and The Battle Against Book Censorship
Student(s): Zixuan Cui, Yongjing Li, Isabelle Yang
Teacher(s): Lianne Linck
School (City, State): Sierra Vista Middle School (Irvine, California)

Title: Las Palabras de Chilenos: The Politics of Nobel Poetry
Student(s): Saahithi Kasa
Teacher(s): Rachael Kessler
School (City, State): Challenge School (Denver, Colorado)

Title: Liliʻuokalani Navigates the Controversies Surrounding the 1881 Smallpox Epidemic
Student(s): Landon Choy, Chancen Law, Torrey O’Hara
Teacher(s): Sarah Razee
School (City, State): Kamehameha Schools – Kapālama Campus (Honolulu, Hawaiʻi)

Title: Pentagon Papers: Defending the First Amendment in the Twentieth Century
Student(s): Rohan Anand, Madhu Siddarth Reddy Nachannagari, Madhu Suhaas Reddy Nachannagari, Vivek Nagireddi
Teacher(s): Wendy Hurwitz-Kushner
School (City, State): John P. Stevens High School (Edison, New Jersey)

Title: Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring: The Power of Environmental Debate
Student(s): Helen Zhu
Teacher(s): Carl Bell
School (City, State): Burleigh Manor Middle School (Ellicott City, Maryland)

Title: The Russell-Einstein Manifesto: Initiating a Movement Towards Anti-Nuclear Diplomacy
Student(s): Renato Giusti, Evan McCrackin, Justin Yang
Teacher(s): Michael Grubb
School (City, State): Norman High School (Norman, Oklahoma)

Title: Uncle Tom’s Cabin: A Subject of Debate
Student(s): Kenna Huot, Margaret Johnson
Teacher(s): Glenn Tracey
School (City, State): Ordean East Middle School (Duluth, Minnesota)

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