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Documentary Project Example 4: Wade in the Water: How African Americans Got Back Into the Pool

Documentary Project Example 3: “¡Sί Se Puede!” How the United Farm Workers Grape Boycott Broke Barriers for Social Movements

Performance Project Example 4: The Northern Dream

Performance Project Example 3: “Deeds, Not Words”: How Emmeline Pankhurst Expanded the Frontier of Women’s Rights

Exhibit Project Example 4: Window to the Universe: How the Hubble Space Telescope Revolutionized the Study of Astronomy

Exhibit Project Example 3: Norman Borlaug and the Green Revolution: a New Frontier in Agriculture

Paper Project Example 4: The Founding Fathers of Military Medicine: How Hammond, Letterman, and the U.S. Sanitary Commission Crossed a Medical Frontier through Policy and Organizational Reforms

Paper Project Example 3: A “Social Frontier”: Boy Scouts, Progressive Education, and the Turner Thesis

Website Project Example 4: Nidoto Nai Yoni, “Let It Not Happen Again”: Navigating Belonging in the Frontier of Japanese American Identity

Website Project Example 3: A Geopolitical Frontier: The Aleutian Islands, Home of the Unangax^ People

Website Project Example 2: PARC v. Pennsylvania: Pioneering the Right to Education for Children with Cognitive Impairments

Argumentation and Evidence

Using resources from the Library of Congress, learn how to apply historical thinking skills and help make these skills visible to students. This webinar focuses on how to organize evidence …

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