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Website Project Example 4: Nidoto Nai Yoni, “Let It Not Happen Again”: Navigating Belonging in the Frontier of Japanese American Identity

Website Project Example 3: A Geopolitical Frontier: The Aleutian Islands, Home of the Unangax^ People

Website Project Example 2: PARC v. Pennsylvania: Pioneering the Right to Education for Children with Cognitive Impairments

Guidelines for Conducting Oral History Interviews

Guidance on when to use an interview and how to prepare and conduct an interview for your NHD project


NHD Contest Rule Book


NHD Manual de Reglas Para Competencias En Espanol

NHDWebCentral® Instructions

Start your NHD website project using NHDWebCentral®! We have step-by-step instructions and videos to help you every step of the way.

Website Project Checklist

Complete the Website Project Checklist to successfully create and submit your NHD entry.

Website Evaluation Form

Use the Website Evaluation form to understand how your project entry will be judged and evaluate your work before submitting it.

How to Create a Historical Performance Workbook

How to Create a Historical Website Workbook

Website Project Example 1: Communication Through Cartoons

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