For NHD contests, your website projects must be created using NHD’s website builder, NHDWebCentral®. Archiving 2023-2024 will begin late June. Check back for further details.

Instructions for Using Website Builder

Before you begin working on your website project, take some time to explore our NHDWebCentral® instructions and videos. Please note: These guides and videos are from the 2023-2024 year and do not reflect the latest updates to the website builder. New resources will be available beginning mid-September 2024.

Website Builder Guides


Setting Up my Website

Do we have to use NHDWebCentral® to build our websites?

Websites must be created in NHDWebCentral® (NHD Contest Rule Book, 6.5, E2). Any websites built on other platforms will need to be rebuilt at NHDWebCentral®.

I’m a teacher. Can I create a website?

Absolutely! We encourage teachers to create websites to practice, learn, and grow with their students.

We are creating a group website. Can we use one login to all work on our website?

No, each group member must have their own account. Watch this video on registering as a group website. Using the same account as your group members can corrupt, overwrite, or delete your website.

How do I remove a group member?

If a group member is no longer part of your website, use the Contact Us form to request removal. Include your NHD teacher/mentor’s name and email address. We’ll talk to your teacher to confirm this group member’s removal.

How can my group members and I work on our website together?

When working together, group members should edit different website pages. Editing the same page simultaneously will overwrite each other’s work. After saving, group members can refresh to see the changes.

Editing my Website

I’ve reached the size limit; what can I do to free up space?

Images, videos, and documents often have large file sizes. Before uploading, check the file size and consider compressing, cropping, or reducing resolution. You can do this using free or paid software. If you’ve already uploaded large images, delete them from your file library and replace them with smaller versions on your page(s). Tip: To reduce file size without losing quality, take a screenshot of high-resolution images on your computer. Screenshots maintain quality while being much smaller in size.

My images were there, but now they are missing; what happened?

Did you clear your file library to free up space? Uploaded images must stay in the library for the image block to display them; it can’t show the image without it in the library.

All of the elements in my container are aligned together, but I want everything aligned differently.

This is where you can use columns to help align elements differently. Find various column options in NHDWebCentral® under “Easy Layout” in the Toolbox. Watch this video to help you with aligning elements.

Can I embed videos from YouTube?

No, embedded YouTube videos violate the NHD rules. Because the videos are being hosted on YouTube, they are not being counted towards the NHDWebCentral® size limit. However, you can download videos using free tools and then upload them to your website using the Embed Multimedia block.

What coding languages can I use?

NHDWebCentral® only supports HTML/CSS, not JavaScript. If you use JavaScript in the editor, it won’t work and will be removed.

Publishing my Website

How do I publish my website?

In NHDWebCentral®, saving is the same as publishing. When you save work on your website, it is pushed to the published site.

How do I submit my website for a competition?

Enter your URL or site key in the registration form when prompted. Contact your affiliate coordinator for local website submission deadlines.

How can someone view my website?

To allow others (like teachers or parents) to view your website, share the URL directly. The URL typically looks like this:, and the site key is something like: 15262633.

If you have more questions, reach out to your local affiliate or get help from NHD IT support.

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