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Performance Project Example 4: The Northern Dream

Performance Project Example 3: “Deeds, Not Words”: How Emmeline Pankhurst Expanded the Frontier of Women’s Rights

Guidelines for Conducting Oral History Interviews

Guidance on when to use an interview and how to prepare and conduct an interview for your NHD project


NHD Contest Rule Book


NHD Manual de Reglas Para Competencias En Espanol

Performance Project Checklist

Complete the Performance Project Checklist to successfully create and submit your NHD entry.

Performance Evaluation Form

Use the Performance Evaluation form to understand how your project entry will be judged and evaluate your work before submitting it.

How to Create a Historical Performance Workbook

How to Create a Historical Performance Workbook

Video image of Caroline Chisholm

Performance Project Example 1: Caroline Chisholm

Performance Project Example 2: Debate over the Bill of Rights

Performing Perspectives: Researching Clothing

Learn how to research clothing for historical performances.

Performing Perspectives: Harmful Stereotypes

Learn about harmful stereotypes and how to avoid them when crafting historical performances.

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