COLLEGE PARK, MD – June 5, 2024 National History Day® (NHD) is proud to announce a slate of student showcases at cultural institutions in Washington, D.C., during its 50th anniversary National Contest. 99 student historical research projects – from papers and documentaries to performances and tabletop exhibits – will be displayed at Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, Smithsonian’s Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture, and the White House Historical Association on Wednesday, June 12.

When Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History (NMAH) opens at 10 am on Wednesday, June 12, 51 student exhibits will be on display at the museum on topics ranging from the history of redlining, the inclusion of women in the Olympics, Brown v. Board of Education, the Battle of Midway, and more. The exhibits will remain on display all day during opening hours. Also at the National Museum of American History, selected students will present their historical performances in a performance showcase from 1 to 5 pm. The performances will be on display in the Hall of Music.

In addition to exhibits and performances on display at NMAH, the National Museum of African American History and Culture will present 16 student documentaries on African history, African American history, civil rights, and human rights in the Oprah Winfrey Theater from 11 am to 3 pm. National History Day National Contest entries from 13 states and NHD International will be represented at this documentary showcase.

Across the National Mall at the National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI), a special “In Language There Is Life: I ka ‘ōlelo nō ke ola” Showcase will feature five projects from eight middle and high school students from Hawai‘i who completed a National History Day project in ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi (Hawaiian language) and qualified at the Hawaiʻi affiliate contest. These students were invited to Washington, D.C. to share their work with a national audience. Their projects show perspectives and understanding vital to their culture and support larger community efforts that give life to indigenous languages. The projects will be available to view at NMAI on Wednesday, June 12, from 10 am to 12pm as well as on Monday, June 10, from 10 am to 12pm in the Stamp Student Union at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Finally, 14 students have been invited to a special writers’ workshop with the White House Historical Association. The Association will create a virtual showcase of papers that cover topics related to the history of the White House or the history of the presidency. Selected students are invited to attend a writing workshop at the White House Visitor’s Center on June 12. 

“Inspiring students to take their study of history beyond the classroom is a core tenant of our work at National History Day. In our organization’s 50th anniversary year, we are excited to share these NHD projects at the Smithsonian Institution and the White House Historical Association,” shares Executive Director Cathy Gorn. “We appreciate the collaborative effort of these cultural institutions to showcase the outstanding and important work of these history students.”

The Secretary of the Smithsonian, Lonnie Bunch, is a member of National History Day’s 50th Anniversary Honorary Committee. Additionally, the Chair of the National Endowment for the Humanities, Shelly C. Lowe (Navajo), will attend the NMAI Hawaiian Language Showcase to show support for Indigenous language revitalization and the humanities.

Please meet the 2024 National History Day students and their projects selected for these prestigious showcases:

Exhibit Showcase – National Museum of American History

Student: Kristian Pittman
Title: The Other Side of the Tracks: The Legacy of Redlining
NHD Affiliate: Alabama

Students: Julia Samuel, Olivia Yurkew
Title: Women’s Inclusion in the Olympics
NHD Affiliate: Alaska

Students: Leuātea Milo, Edna Salani
Title: Glazing Through The Universe: A Turning Point in the Study of Astronomy
NHD Affiliate: American Samoa

Student: Joseph Kim
Title: Simon: Groundbreaking Technology that Changed Phones Forever
NHD Affiliate: Arizona

Students: Bhavana Gudipati, Audrey Cope
Title: Mustard Gas to Chemotherapy: How a Chemical Warfare Agent Paved The Path to Modern Medicine
NHD Affiliate: Arkansas

Students: Emily Huang, HIlary Hung, Megan Phan
Title: “To the hip hip hop-a you don’t stop:” Turning the Tables on Music History
NHD Affiliate: California

Student: Jayden Jagiello
Title: The Secret Is In The Seal: Turning Tupperware Into A Dynasty
NHD Affiliate: Colorado

Student: Emmett Smith
Title: A Battle of Rights for the Incarcerated: The Legacy of the Attica Prison Riot
NHD Affiliate: Connecticut

Student: Emily Matthews
Title: War Sweet War: The Crisis-Driven Emergence of the American Sweet Tooth
NHD Affiliate: Delaware

Students: Lucas Marino, Mackenzie Shankle
Title: Figurehead Night Out
NHD Affiliate: Florida

Student: Madelyn Reardanz
Title: Maynard for Mayor
NHD Affiliate: Georgia

Student: Noelle Camacho
Title: Around the World in 9-Minutes: Guam and the Transpacific Cable Lines
NHD Affiliate: Guam

Students: Precious Chloe Cadiz, Desiree Jane Galvez, Kristine Orosco
Title: Merrie Monarch: King David Kalakaua
NHD Affiliate: Hawaiʻi

Students: Maren Gardiner, Riley Smith
Title: Any Color, So Long As It’s Black
NHD Affiliate: Idaho

Students: Karter Fugate, Leonidas Kalantzis-Jimenez
Title: Remembering Emmett – Till Justice is Served
NHD Affiliate: Illinois

Students: Emma An, Olivia Lim
Title: Bromine Therapy: From Battlefield Hospitals To The Public
NHD Affiliate: Indiana

Students: Shelby Groon, Kenley Moffatt, Kenna Willms
Title: Sesame Street: A Turning Point Towards Sunny Days in Educational Television
NHD Affiliate: Iowa

Student: Eniolu Wintoki
Title: Marching Forward The Legacy of Executive Order 8802
NHD Affiliate: Kansas

Students: Chloe Lefort, Aiden Recinos, Charlotte Trauth
Title: The Guillotine and Capital Punishment
NHD Affiliate: Louisiana

Students: Evelyn Bryant, Daisy Vining
Title: Jesse Owens: Racing Against Nazi Racial Barriers
NHD Affiliate: Maine

Students: Asher Lyons, Grace Guo
Title: Attacking Architectural Inaccessibility: The Americans with Disabilities Act
NHD Affiliate: Maryland

Students: Jessica Brayer, Molly Perlman, Alexandra Weiss
Title: The Movement of the Red Cross
NHD Affiliate: Massachusetts

Students: Annabel Klaasen, Zaire Polk, Teresa Romanelli
Title: The Gross Points of Grosse Pointe: Examining the Effects of the Grosse Pointe Point System
NHD Affiliate: Michigan

Students: Sammy Hadley, Dylan Morse, Sam Nowak, Tyler Wickum
Title: Brown v. Board of Education
NHD Affiliate: Minnesota

Student: Keylee Lang
Title: The Modern Woman: How Flappers Changed Society’s Views on Women
NHD Affiliate: Mississippi

Student: Romell Calhoun
Title: When They Finally Listened: The Genius of Joseph Blair
NHD Affiliate: Missouri

Student: Aniya Smoker
Title: The Survival of Native American People through the Slaughter of the Buffalo
NHD Affiliate: Montana

Student: John Mark Householder
Title: The Invention of the Nuclear Bomb
NHD Affiliate: Nebraska

Student: Edward Stone
Title: A Golden Spike
NHD Affiliate: New Hampshire

Student: Rahma El Agamy
Title: Glowing in Death: “The Case of the Five Women Doomed to Die”
NHD Affiliate: New Jersey

Student: Lilah Berkson
Title: Turning the Page in Feminism: How Oral Contraception Changed Women’s History
NHD Affiliate: New Mexico

Students: Caroline Hardart, Louise Jacobs, Virginia Shah
Title: Automats and American Identity: Horn & Hardart’s Impact on Culture and Social Interaction
NHD Affiliate: New York

Student: Woo Jin Ryu
Title: The Kimchi Twist: Korean Immigrants ‘Turned’ Their Heads to Hawaiian Paradise in 1903
NHD Affiliate: NHD China

Students: Olivia Wang, Xintong Wang
Title: Sir Harold Gillies: Suturing the Face of Modern Plastic Surgery
NHD Affiliate: NHD International

Student: Hannah Jang
Title: The Power of the Pill: The First Oral Contraceptive and Women’s Reproductive Rights in America
NHD Affiliate: NHD Korea

Students: Olivia Stetler, Zipporah Tunnage
Title: In Flames: America’s Only Successful Coup
NHD Affiliate: North Carolina

Students: Marlee Adair, Reece Hall
Title: North Dakota’s Enchanted Highway
NHD Affiliate: North Dakota

Students: Jacob Clellen, Bernat Corcelles, Robert Weinberg
Title: Highway Revolution: The Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956
NHD Affiliate: Ohio

Student: Amelia Lim
Title: The Turning Point of the R.M.S. Titanic: The Sinking that Sparked Changes in Maritime Law
NHD Affiliate: Oklahoma

Students: Acadia Hawley, Margo Insalaco
Title: Harvey Milk: Destroying Closet Doors
NHD Affiliate: Oregon

Students: Sudha Chandrasekaran, Aryash Shyam
Title: The Great Depression: Transforming America’s Social & Economic Landscape
NHD Affiliate: Pennsylvania

Students: Morgan Cook, Charlotte DeGaetano
Title: Through the Lens of Hardship: Dorothea Lange’s Portraits of the Great Depression
NHD Affiliate: Rhode Island

Students: Abella Grant, Rosm YacTistoj
Title: Brown v. Board of Education
NHD Affiliate: South Carolina

Student: Sylvia Turbiville
Title: Fingerprints: Criminology
NHD Affiliate: South Dakota

Students: William Fowler, Hudson Hazlewood
Title: The Revolutionary Grateful Dead
NHD Affiliate: Tennessee

Student: Rece Barlow
Title: Through the Eyes of Nimitz- The Battle of Midway, A Turning Point in WW2
NHD Affiliate: Texas

Student: Annelise (Annie) Johnson
Title: The Winter War: A Turning Point in History
NHD Affiliate: Utah

Students: Cecilia Neffinger, Eliana Venables-Vogel
Title: The Champlain Canal: When Boats Finally Rose
NHD Affiliate: Vermont

Students: Kai Jackson, Chris Lee
Title: A Turning Point in the Middle East: The Arab Revolt of 1916
NHD Affiliate: Virginia

Students: Michelle Glynn, Rachael Winker
Title: Corset To Coco: A Turning Point in History
NHD Affiliate: Wisconsin

Students: Grant Stewart, Will Walsh
Title: Bone Wars
NHD Affiliate: Wyoming

Performance Showcase – National Museum of American History
Students: Amber Baranoski, Rene Greenleaf, Valerie Greenleaf, Brady Seeger
Title: The Hello Girls: Turning Points in War Communication and Women’s Equality
NHD Affiliate: Alaska

Students: Jasmine Akeman, Joanna Carney, Rubi Cruz, Leightan Koff
Title: Ghost Girls: The Living Dead
NHD Affiliate: Georgia

Students: Kayla DeBlois, Nevaeh Dowell, Chana Oden, Morgan Walker
Title: The Washerwomen Strike of 1881
NHD Affiliate: Georgia

Student: Aesop Birkemeier
Title: Turning Points in WWII: The Legacy of the 10th Mountain Division
NHD Affiliate: Indiana

Student: Spencer Carman
Title: She Is My Sunshine: How Charles Fiske’s Fight for His Daughter Became a Turning Point in the Organ Transplantation System
NHD Affiliate:Massachusetts

Student: Megan LeaTrea
Title: From Symbols to Syllables: How Grace Hopper’s Compiler Unlocked the Computer Age
NHD Affiliate: Michigan

Student: Hayden Washegesic
Title: AIM: The Natives Fight Back
NHD Affiliate: Michigan

Students: Audrey Cronk, Lucy Dubin, Shana Foley, Ava Rogers
Title: Turning the Tides of Hatred into a Shared Voice of Activism: The Killing of Vincent Chin
NHD Affiliate: New Jersey

Student: Isabella Hardy
Title: Hang Down Your Head and Cry: The Turning Point Of The American Folk Revival
NHD Affiliate: North Carolina

Student: Zee Carnes
Title: The Cherokee Syllabary: A Turning Point in Native American Education, Geo-Political Communication, and Intra-Tribal Gender Relations
NHD Affiliate: Tennessee

Student: Macy Huish
Title: Elizabeth Packard and the Rise of the Oppressed: Turning Points in Married Women’s and Insane Asylum Patients’ Rights
NHD Affiliate: Utah

Student: Batia Seraydarian
Title: Modern Dance and Martha Graham: How One Woman Revolutionized Dance
NHD Affiliate: Virginia

Student: Caroline Juergens
Title: The History of Hand Hygiene in Hospitals
NHD Affiliate: Wisconsin

Documentary Showcase – National Museum of African American History and Culture
Students: Ethan Gwinn, Ddwayne Lockett-James
Title: Rediscovering Roots In the Harlem Renaissance: How Zora Neale Hurston’s Barracoon Contributed to Clarifying African American Ancestry
NHD Affiliate: Alabama

Student: Nathan Davies-Venn
Title: Henrietta Lacks – The Woman at The Heart of Modern Medicine: Science, Ethics and Race
NHD Affiliate: Arizona

Student: Grant Adams
Title: Bayard Rustin: Mr. March on Washington
NHD Affiliate: Arkansas

Students: Kayla Nguyen, Aarushi Sharma, William Norwood
Title: Nourishing The Youth of America: The Black Panther Party’s Free Breakfast Program
NHD Affiliate: California

Student: Nia Stephens
Title: Out with the Old and In with the New: A New Economic Pathway for Black Women
NHD Affiliate: Georgia

Students: Lydia Frost, Millicent Norton, Teja Rana, Lisa Tao
Title: The Turn of the Anti-Lynching Movement Through the Work of Ida B. Wells
NHD Affiliate: Illinois

Student: Madeleine Tan
Title: Operation Crossroads — Turning Paradise Into Poison: The Marshall Islands Nuclear Legacy
NHD Affiliate: NHD International (Singapore)

Students: Joyce Lee, Janelle Okore, Jaiden Womack
Title: The Spark that Ignited the Civil Rights Movement: The Children’s March of Birmingham
NHD Affiliate: New Jersey

Students: Samuella Konan, Hanna Pearce
Title: The Timeless Tragedy of the Tulsa Race Massacre
NHD Affiliate: New Jersey

Student: Jay Patel
Title: The Color of Blood: Dr. Charles Drew’s Discovery, A Turning Point In Blood Preservation
NHD Affiliate: New York

Students: Abigail Blair, Lyla Varnum
Title: The Day the River Ran Red: The Wilmington Coup of 1898
NHD Affiliate: North Carolina

Student: Kimora Miller
Title: The Case for Loving: The Fight for Interracial Marriage
NHD Affiliate: Tennessee

Student: Tisha Sinha
Title: When Words Fail Music Speaks: Nina Simone’s Social Reform for Civil Rights
NHD Affiliate: Texas

Student: Colin Li
Title: AWS vs. WASA: A Turning Point Lawsuit for the Anacostia River
NHD Affiliate: Virginia

Student: Caroline Bruton
Title: The Moton High School Strike: A Student-Led Turning Point in Public Education and the Civil Rights Movement
NHD Affiliate: Virginia

Students: Shane Manzano, Quinn Wimpress
Title: Crossroads of Change: How The Interstate Highway System Shaped America’s Urban Landscape
NHD Affiliate: Washington

Hawaiian Language Showcase – National Museum of the American Indian
Students: LeHiwa Keo, Kaliko Sproat
Title: Ka Mahele Nui: Kūpaʻa Ma Hope o ka ʻĀina (Senior Group Exhibit)
City: Kahuku

Student: Kilolani Smith
Title: He huliau ma ka mōʻaukala: Hikiau Heiau (Junior Individual Documentary)
City: Hilo

Student: Mana Inoue
Title: Nā Kepanī ma Hawaiʻi (Junior Individual Exhibit)
City: Hilo

Student: Māhealani Figueroa-Lee
Title: Nā Radiō o Hawaiʻi: He Huliau (Senior Individual Documentary)
City: Hilo

Students: Hālaʻi Nunu, Huali Nunu, Kaleʻa Kahawaii
Title: Ka Palapala Mihi 1993: Minamina Nō Hoʻi (Senior Group Performance)
City: Kahuku

Paper Showcase – White House Historical Association
Student: Zoe Keith
Title: The American Sputnik: How Van Cliburn’s Tchaikovsky Competition Victory Furthered Harmony in International Relations
NHD Affiliate: Colorado

Student: Enzo Encarnacion-Bognar
Title: The Cuban Missile Crisis
NHD Affiliate: Delaware

Student: Yashwaant Ravi
Title: Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle: The Novel that Revolutionized Food Safety
NHD Affiliate: Florida

Student: Maxine Madriaga
Title: Road to Recovery: The New Deal
NHD Affiliate: Hawaiʻi

Student: Henry Everett
Title: Turning the Tide: How The American Railway Union Changed the Federal Strike Policy
NHD Affiliate: Illinois

Student: Tyler Li
Title: Marbury vs. Madison as a Turning Point in the Rise of the Supreme Court
NHD Affiliate: Indiana

Student: Caroline Kramer
Title: A New Colossus: The Johnson-Reed Act of 1924
NHD Affiliate: Minnesota

Student: Evan Ewert
Title: The Burning Monk
NHD Affiliate: Minnesota

Student: Sydney Kang
Title: Madam Secretary: How Frances Perkins Transformed America and Its Workforce Through the New Deal
NHD Affiliate: New Jersey

Student: Baxter Oates
Title: Fellow Traveler: Sputnik and Its Ripple Effects
NHD Affiliate: New York

Student: Sam Tae
Title: Inchon Landings: A Turning Point in American Foreign Policy
NHD Affiliate: New York

Student: Sebastian Jew
Title: From Conflict to Cooperation: The 1969 Sino-Soviet Border Conflict and Sino-American Rapprochement
NHD Affiliate: New York

Student: Elizabeth Stanley
Title: Amber Hagerman: The Tragedy that Saves America’s Children
NHD Affiliate: South Carolina

Student: Cooper Wallace
Title: Reconciliation and Revisionism: Confederate Cemeteries’ Impact on Historical Narratives of the Civil War
NHD Affiliate: Tennessee


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